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Management Course

Advanced Business Report Writing Skills

Why attend this business writing skills course?
Staff at all levels of any organization need to be able to write high quality reports, proposals, letters, emails, memos and minutes. Producing clear, effective and professional written communications is one of the ways for an organization to make a great impression and to differentiate itself from the rest. It’s all too easy to ruin your reputation with poor communication.

Starting from first principles this practical and interactive business writing skills course will give you a thorough grounding in writing for business, and the skills required to produce documents to the highest standard.

Who is Effective Business Writing for?
This business writing course is for people, especially in key administrative, supervisory and managerial positions, who want to write clear, succinct and persuasive emails, letters and proposals, produce professional reports or avoid costly misunderstandings.

  • Benefits of Effective Business Writing
  • Choose the most appropriate method of communication for the situation
  • Produce clear, concise, easy to read documents
  • Write with impact and capture the reader’s attention
  • Save time on unnecessary re-work
  • Use the principles of good written communication
  • Increased confidence in your ability to write well
What you will learn
  • Key principles of written communication
  • Report writing in business
  • The stages of writing
  • Writing a winning proposal
  • Making writing compelling
  • Avoiding common grammar and punctuation errors
  • Writing effective emails

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