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Management Course

Advanced Negotiation Skills

Course Introduction:
When entering into deep negotiations and careful negotiations the negotiator needs to prepare very carefully. The advanced science and art of negotiations is a series of developed personal skills and techniques and a process that must be developed to be a highly successful negotiator.
This course has been designed to develop more focused Negotiating skills and examine and analyze the science of the subject and also develop an experienced negotiator in the methods, techniques and skills for successful development and enhancement of their negotiating capabilities.
There is extensive case studies and practical sessions to stimulate and encourage students maximum participation. There is also a self analysis of skills and a personal Action Plan.

Course Learning Objectives:
This programme is specifically designed to give the participants the Advanced capability to:

  • The scientific approach and Human Resources required for Instinctive, Rational and Behavioral Psychologies involved, motivation factors etc
  • Recognize, analyze and utilize the methodology of effective negotiations, and assist in their understanding of the detailed and thorough process involved.
  • Enhancement of existing skills as effective and skillful negotiators.
Forming a negotiations Strategy in the approach to and during negotiations meetings

Who Should Attend:
The course is directed to audience participants who are developed managers, supervisors, marketing and sales personnel, also those who are involved with customers and clients, who need to be aware of handling and negotiating in a business profile or are involved with Sales & Contract Negotiations.

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