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Management Course

Advanced Presentation Skills

Seminar Background:
Throughout our lives we make personal presentation using our acquired personal communication skills, these can be one to one or to audiences ranging from the boardroom to the auditorium. Presentation can be one of the most nerve racking experiences but for those who master this critical capability it can be the platform to deliver an exiting and informative session and form part of a powerful communications strategy.
This five-day course includes how to master the techniques of 'Powerful Presentations' and how to prepare and deliver the content in the most acceptable form and set to the level of the audience.

This seminar also includes a workshop and will give the delegates the opportunity to analyse their personal skills & abilities and develop them practically for maximum effect and impact.

Seminar Learning Objectives:

  • How to prepare and deliver a powerful presentation in a clear and confident manner
  • How to develop and enhance abilities to involve and motivate your audience.
  • Control anxiety before and during the presentation and convey a professional image
  • Development and utility of personal assets including speech capabilities body language, expressions and reading positive feedback.
Who Should Attend:
Managers, Instructors, Presenters and those who wish to improve their presentation communication skills and regular presentations at various levels and a variety of audiences.

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