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Management Course

Advanced Teamwork and Cooperation Skills

The Advanced Teamwork & Cooperation Skills course is designed as a practical program for delegates to put collaborative methods of teamwork in their organizations and leverage the innovative potential of all members of their teams. In business, teamwork and innovation has become the bedrock of competitive strategy, and a major key to competitive advantage. All organizations today need cooperative teamwork and innovation to survive.
Advanced Teamwork and Cooperation Skills will help you better be able to:

  • Strengthens your leadership collaboration within the company team
  • Understand and help leaders navigate their own personal and interpersonal leader skills
  • Clarify a form of work-based learning that seeks to integrate theory with practice and knowledge with experience
  • Leverages the knowledge of learning in the organization at all levels
  • Develop strategies for using personal leadership power and building strong, mutual influence relationships within your organization
You will:
  • Provide leaders with a series of strategies, activities, and cases at five levels of change: individual, interpersonal, team, organization, and network
  • Discover the core competencies required for exemplary teamwork
  • Examine the ethical aspects of teamwork which drive lasting results
  • Enhance others’ perception of you as a team leaders with integrity
  • Build the right culture for people and processes to support your team
  • Provides a comprehensive ideas on keeping teamwork alive in organizations
The content of this seminar is especially tailored to team leaders of today. This program focuses on teamwork practices that are effective in any business environment. Participants that hold leadership positions and who have been identified by their organisation as a key part of the company's succession plan are encouraged to attend. All candidates must have a good grasp of English as a large percentage of the time. The course will require interaction and activities. An ideal candidate is:
  • Supervisors
  • A member of the executive committee
  • Managers
  • Team Leaders

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