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Management Course

Advanced Technical Writing Skills

Engineers and technicians are educated and trained for many years to become experts in their technical fields of expertise, but this does not necessarily include the art of writing. Most technical people admit that writing is not their strength, and, as the best of time, constitutes a boring, dull and difficult chosre. And yet, they also acknowledge that it is critically important to be able to express themselves clearly and convincingly in writing. Good technical writing skills can make a remarkable impact on business and career success.

Course Objectives:
This training course aims at providing participants in government, business, and industry sectors with the basic tools needed for professional technical Writing. In this course, participants will learn how to write memos, formal letters, lab and technical reports, CVs, proposals, minutes of meeting, and technical papers for journals and conferences. In addition, participants will be introduces to basics of communication skills needed in a very rapid world of change and globalization.

Who should attend?
All personnel who require to communicate using the medium of written technical reports will find the course beneficial. It should be of interest to project and process engineers, proposal writers and other professionals who require assistance in developing written communication skills.

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