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Management Course

Business Process Management

  • An Introduction to BPM terms, concepts and principles
  • Process Modeling, Analysis & Design
  • Process Management
  • Process Classification Frameworks
  • Introduction to Tools & Technologies
  • Process Modeling Tools
  • Business Process Management Suites
  • Enterprise Business Process Management
  • BPM Implementation Strategies
  • Key Skills, Roles and Responsibilities
  • The Financial Business Case for BPM
  • BPM Solution Examples and Case Studies
Course Objectives:
  • Understand the key terms and concepts in BPM
  • Learn the major methodologies and techniques for implementing BPM
  • Discover the various technologies that support BPM
Who Should Attend:
  • Those who are new to BPM or have only had a limited exposure
  • Business Analysts, Project Managers, Middle- and Senior-level Line-of-business managers
Unique Value of Course:
  • A combination of theoretical and practical information
  • Actionable insight into BPM and its contribution to improving organizational performance
  • Students will learn how to be process thinkers

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