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Management Course

Business Risk Management

Aim of the course
The course will assist participants to:

  • acquire basic knowledge in relation to the theory and practice in the areas of corporate governance and business risk management
  • be able to carry out a risk assessment and develop audit plans for their organisations
  • enhance their knowledge in specialised internal audit practises for a range of business processes
Course Outline
The first part of the course will present the principles of Corporate Governance and Business Risk Management. These will be based on existing legislative requirements, on the COSO II- Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) methodology, as well as on global best practices.
The first part includes the following:
  • Categories of risk and business risk models
  • Business risk assessment
  • Risks external to the company
  • Risks per business cycle
  • Tools of measuring and assessing business risks
  • Strategy and methodology for managing business risks
  • Internal Control Systems and systems for business risk management
During the second part of the course, the principles and methodology of Operational Auditing will be presented. Furthermore, this part includes an analysis of the key business cycles and main control systems within a company. Examples of audit practices for various business cycles will also be presented.

Who should attend the course
Managers, business consultants, directors, new or experienced Internal Auditors and Internal Audit consultants, who wish to enhance their knowledge in the areas of Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Internal Audit, or are practicing Risk Management and Internal Audit.

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