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Management Course

Decision Base

At the end of this course participants will be able to discover problems, get to the root cause of those problems and make decisive decisions that solve them once and for all!
Specific learning objectives include:

  • The importance of adopting a systematic, step-by-step problem solving procedure
  • Looking at a broad range of solutions before adopting one so that you get at an ideal solution
  • Developing solutions that are repeatable and reliable
  • Using the body of knowledge already collected to get at your solutions faster
  • Adding to that body of knowledge
  • Follow the general approach to problem solving in all facets of life
Describing the problem or issue
  • The importance of accurately describing what is wrong so you work on solving the actual problem and not just some perceived issue.
  • How to decide if the problem is really important
  • Determining if you need to solve this problem or whether trying to make changes could actually make things worse
  • Deciding on whether you can handle the problem yourself or if you need to get others involved
  • Some problems don’t need a committee to solve, you can do it yourself, but deciding if you can do this yourself is extremely important in the outcome.
  • Putting temporary containment actions in place
  • To stop the flow you must stop the bleeding but putting the wrong containment actions into place could make things worse. In this session participants will discover how to know which actions will close the business’ wound and which ones could make things worse.
Simplifying the task
Problems that need a team to solve are usually extremely complex. This session discusses how to break the problem or issue down into manageable parts

Additional information
Some people simply put containment actions into place and hope the problem will go away. This session discusses how to determine what additional information you need to get to the root cause(s) of the problem.

Getting to the root cause(s)
This section discusses how to analyze the new information you have obtained to determine the most probable root cause(s) of the problem.

Determining a course of action
This section discusses how, once you have determined the root cause(s), thinking of as many different courses of action to take as possible

Finding a solution
How to single out the best solution from a list of possible solutions

Putting your solution into place
How to determine ways in which you can implement your decision and gain acceptance of the solution you came up with from those most important people that will need to put it into place

Checking on your progress
How to develop ways to verify that you made the correct decision by previewing the results and determining if your solution has solved the problem

Making Changes
Determining if you need to make any necessary changes to keep the problem from happening again

Workshop Wrap-up
At the end of the workshop participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and fill out an action plan

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