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Management Course

Effective Time Task & Work Planning

With the accelerating change of the twenty-first century, time management skills are at the top of the personal development tool kit. Know where you're going? What you want from work and life? Concerned how time slips through your fingers and another day, week, month, year goes by without achieving all you wanted? This seminar will help you asses your present situation, in terms of work and personal life. It will enable you to manage yourself more effectively within your own time constraints and show you how to better organize and priorities your work / life tasks.

By attending this course you will learn how to:

  • Explain why managing time really matters to our work and health, in our changing world
  • Identify task that should be a) completed in relation to their key objectives, b) managed away.
  • Analyse situations that hinder their performance and identify techniques to overcome them.
  • Use simple frameworks for planning, including allocating and managing priorities, scheduling work, working proactively and reactively and project planning.
  • Set, monitor and measure the success of objectives.
  • Analyse your own strengths and development needs and prepare a personal development plan for the next twelve months.
  • Team Leaders / Supervisors
  • Professionals
  • Administration Executives
  • Salespeople

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