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Management Course

Leadership Skills

This course will empower and inspire you with skills, tools, and strategies to unleash your creativity and the creativity of others so that you can generate innovative and practical ideas and solutions to challenges you face at work. On completion of this program, participants will be able to

  • Understand the way the mind works and how to influence your mind for greater learning
  • Recognize and overcome blocks to personal and organizational creativity
  • Understand the phases of innovation and identify resources to support them in the various stages
  • Understand the different types of thinking strategies and how to apply them in the innovation process
  • Learn and apply a variety of brainstorming and idea generating techniques to access creativity on demand
Who Should Attend
This is a Must Attend for Professionals and Senior Executives seeking to harness team creativity for breakthrough in business solutions, unlocking untapped value in their organizations and redefining new industry standards. Past participants include functional Managers, team leaders, Heads of departments and business directors.

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