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Management Course

The Middle Management

It’s All about Ownership, Accountability, Initiative & Moral Not achieving targets, poor time management, organization and planning, conflict within the team, your boss’s demands, personal issues outside work - At some stage every one hit problems and difficulties that affect their performance. The role of the Middle Manager is to identify those difficulties quickly and take appropriate action to assist and support that person in overcoming any barriers and obstacles affecting their performance, and therefore the performance of the whole team. This course will assist you in understanding how to work with your people and your boss, to monitor and manage performance and provide you with tools and techniques to assist improving where appropriate.

Course Outline:

  • Understanding performance management
  • Creating the right environment for strong performance
  • Monitoring and measuring performance & giving feedback effectively
  • Working with your people & your boss to achieve required performance
  • Supporting and assisting others in overcoming barriers and obstacles
  • Coaching as a means towards performance improvement
  • Valuing diversity and different skills sets within the team
  • The importance of being positive
  • Handling conflict
  • Introducing and managing change
  • Action planning
  • Develop strong supportive relationships with colleagues at all levels within the business
  • Have clearly define performance measures and standards
  • Team know what is expected of them and how to achieve it
  • Develop coaching skills to help people improve their performance
  • Understand how to give feedback honestly and effectively
  • Deal quickly and appropriately with issues within the team
  • Upward manage your boss and their expectations
  • Understanding motivation and how to motivate
  • Handling conflict and resolution
  • Dealing with personal issues and difficulties
  • Managing change effectively
  • Turning failure into success
  • Anyone who would like to enhance their management skill base

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