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Management Course

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation two or more parties, who each have something the other wants, reaching an agreement through a process of bargaining. This course explains the principles of this exchange and gives the participants the confidence and skills to conduct negotiations and achieve a mutually acceptable outcome.

The course will specifically address the issues of the whole process of negotiation, from preparation to closing a deal, and is suitable for novices and seasoned negotiators alike. It will also identify how negotiation can be used as a development tool and help participants to develop a plan for continuous improvement.

Course Objectives:
Participants will be able to:

  • Understand the negotiation process
  • be able to prepare adequately for successful negotiation
  • see the development of their negotiation skills as vital to their professional development
  • develop a winning strategy for their negotiations
  • turn potential conflict situations into winning negotiations
  • prepare a personal action plan for further development of their negotiation skills
  • The nature of negotiation
  • The concept of alternatives, compromises and concessions
  • Communicating to influence
  • Win-win negotiation styles
  • Differentiating between bargaining and negotiating
  • The importance of preparation and planning
  • Power tactics and strategies
  • Their own personality type and style

Who Should Attend
Senior Staff, Supervisors, Superintendents whose expertise is critical in the success of their organization

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