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Management Course

Personality at Work

The aim of this course is to create highly capable change project leaders who will have the confidence to lead key change initiatives in their organisations. It takes participants through a systematic approach to producing a change project charter and a clear and indisputable diagnosis of the as-is situation. These are the vital first steps in leading a change project to success in a complex organisation. This course is the first part of a 2 course programme with part 2 being “make it happen”. Both parts bring best practice from project management and process thinking to the leadership of change projects harnessing the combined strengths of Lean and Six Sigma approaches.

Course Objectives
The course objective is to understand the most effective tools and techniques that you need to lead change by cutting through all the hype and jargon that surrounds these approaches.

The specific objectives for this course are:-

  • Understand the need for a systematic approach to leading change projects
  • Develop a change project charter which is deliverables based with a business case and phase reviews for active sponsorship and governance
  • Identify the roles and people involved in a change project
  • Review demand and customer requirements and the complexity they produce
  • Review the workflow and apply process metrics to establish the facts
  • Define specific problems and their root causes
Who will the Course benefit?
Individuals who need the structure and tools to lead their change projects. Participants should already be leading a change project or soon to start. You should be committed to learn, confident enough to contribute and comfortable in a high-calibre group environment.

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