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Management Course

Self, Time & Stress Management

Aim of the Program
To provide participants with knowledge and skills to enable them to effectively manage, utilize their time, and integrate long term goals with short term demands
Main Topics

General concepts

  • Attitudes towards time
Time value, and importance
  • Money value of time
  • The cost of wasted time
Measuring and analyzing your utilization of time
  • Self-assessment survey
  • Present time use analysis
Time wasters
  • Strategies of dealing with time wasters
Preparing for time management
  • Overcoming barriers to planning
  • SMART objectives
Time Planning
  • Setting objectives and priorities
  • Scheduling and follow-up
Enhancing personal effectiveness
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Managing information and organizing your office
Effective delegation
  • Barriers to delegation
  • Steps of delegation
Effective meetings
  • Alternatives to meetings
  • Constructive behaviors in meetings

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