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Management Course

Career Development

Career development is a competitive strategy for many organizations. Employees stay longer at organizations that take an interest in developing employee skills and interests. This course provides employees with an opportunity to identify the values, skills, and interests most likely to increase job satisfaction and productivity. Participants will gather information to build strategies to increase their alignment to self, the job, and the organization.

Action objectives:

  • Describe the five-step career growth and development model.
  • Explain the concept of career alignment and how it is linked to career satisfaction and improved work performance.
  • Assess your current job task, objectives, and responsibilities.
  • Assess career skills, values, and interests.
  • Link career development plans with performance objectives.
  • Implement developmental activities.
  • Discuss your career plan with your manager.
  • A clear understanding of your skills, interests, and values pertaining to the work environment
  • A growth and development plan of action

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