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Technical Courses

Distillation Control

Distillation is the most common separation technique and is energy intensive. Distillation can consume more than 50% of a process plant’s operating energy cost. A way to improve an existing plant’s operating cost or to reduce a new distillation system’s operating cost is to improve the efficiency and operations by correct equipment selection, process optimization and control.

Course Objective
This course will guide the participates to develop key concepts and techniques to operate, control, and troubleshoot a distillation system. After completion of the course, participants are expected to gain:

  • The fundamental knowledge of distillation control.
  • The operation, control and trouble shooting of a distillation columns and it’s associated equipment,
  • An overview of distillation, practical solutions as well as theory
  • An understating of essential distillation concepts.
Managers, operators, facilities engineers, operating engineers, supervisory personnel, maintenance and technical personnel involved in the day to day operations of distillation processes.

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