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Technical Courses

Pharmaceutical Process Engineering

Pharmaceutical Process Engineering "This course is designed to provide participants a working knowledge of the industrial processes in the pharmaceutical industry. The course will focus on pharmaceutical unit operations such as size reduction, mixing, granulation, drying, tableting, coating and encapsulation. Course applications include the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients, powders, granules, tablets, hard gelatin and soft gelatin capsules, solutions, suspensions and emulsions.

Course Objectives
After completion of the course, participants are expected to:

  • Be familiar with the pharmaceutical process industry description and characterization
  • Understand the unit operations involved in the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Understand the unit operations involved in the manufacture of liquid and solid dosage forms
Who Should Attend
The course will be of interest to new employee training, newly transferred employees and recent university graduates. Engineers and technologists will be able to grasp the basic knowledge needed to understand manufacturing practices and common unit operations used in the pharmaceutical industry. They will be able to go into any pharmaceutical company and understand the equipment and the manufacturing pathway.

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