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Technical Courses

Process Plant Troubleshooting and Engineering Problems Solving

Troubleshooting of refineries or chemical plants is required to restore or improve on-line time and production capacity, achieve specification of product, by-products and waste streams, reduce safety hazards, improve yields, reduce consumption of utilities, auxiliary chemicals and catalysts, and meet environmental standards. Instruction in the different types of troubleshooting techniques, procedures, and methods used to solve engineering problems. Topics include application of data collection and analysis, cause-effect relationships, and reasoning.

This course will outline a systematic approach to troubleshooting. Participants will be shown how to implement some of the recommendations before troubles even start.

Course Objectives:
Explain steps in troubleshooting models; demonstrate use of troubleshooting tools; and apply troubleshooting techniques to process problems. Process Technology expands the participant’s knowledge and understanding of common unit operations such as; reactions, distillation, absorption, stripping, and gravity separation, all common operations found in many process plants.

The participant learns how variables in a process system interact with each other in a dynamic manner. In addition, the participant is exposed to many different trouble situations similar to those he will encounter in his process plant experience. The participant is taught a systematic way to solve engineering problems, using measured process variables, and personal knowledge of how they affect each other (cause and effect).

Who Should Attend?
This course is designed for plant managers, supervisors, process engineers, technical staff, start-up and operating engineers, plant laboratory supervisors, instrumentation supervisors, pilot plant managers and maintenance engineers. Process and project design engineers and analytical personnel should also benefit from this course.

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