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Technical Courses

Troubleshooting In Chemical Plants

Troubleshooting of refineries or chemical plants is required to restore or improve on-line time and production capacity, achieve specification of product, by-products and waste streams, reduce safety hazards, improve yields, reduce consumption of utilities, auxiliary chemicals and catalysts, and meet environmental standards.

This course will outline a systematic approach to troubleshooting. Participants will be shown how to implement some of the recommendations before troubles even start.

Course Objectives:
Explain steps in troubleshooting models; demonstrate use of troubleshooting tools; and apply troubleshooting techniques to process problems. Process Technology expands the participant’s knowledge and understanding of common unit operations such as; reactions, distillation, absorption, stripping, and gravity separation, all common operations found in many process plants.

The participant learns how variables in a process system interact with each other in a dynamic manner. In addition, the participant is exposed to many different trouble situations similar to those he will encounter in his process plant experience. The participant is taught a systematic way to solve engineering problems, using measured process variables, and personal knowledge of how they affect each other (cause and effect).

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