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Technical Courses

Water treatment

This course will provide a comprehensive review of the principle of cooling and boiler water conditioning. Water pre-treatment discussions will include methods for removing turbidity, harness, alkalinity and silica. Oxygen control by means of deaeration and chemical treatment will be reviewed. Boiler design principles will be developed, including heat transfer, circulation effects and high pressure requirements. The chemistry and control of phosphates, chelant and sludge conditions will be reviewed in depth. Operator training suggestions will be shared.

Problems and solutions associated with steam purity and condensate corrosion will be covered in detail. Cooling water systems will also be covered during the course. Guidelines for chemical cleaning will be developed. A discussion of the metallurgical analysis of failed boiler tubes will conclude the course.

Who Should Attend :
Off sites utility & power house superintendents, supervisors, production & plant engineers and chemists will gain specific and practical knowledge from this course. Foremen and shift supervisors should gain job enrichment by understanding the importance of cooling and boiler water treatment equipment, early detention of problems and operator training techniques. Those in a design capacity at engineering sections should find merit in the review of the technology. The course should be especially valuable for engineers working on plant expansions, since technology trends are reviewed.

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