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Technical Courses

Bearing Lubrication and Reliability Maintenance

Who Should Attend
This course will benefit engineers, operators, chemists and maintenance technicians whose jobs require a working knowledge of or have direct responsibility for the operation and maintenance of boilers.

Course Description
This course will provide a comprehensive practical review of boiler operation and maintenance considerations. Fundamentals of boiler design parameters and design codes and standards that are essential for boiler operation and maintenance are discussed with emphasis on typical problems that can be experienced with utility industrial boilers. The impact of good operating procedures and effective maintenance for optimum reliability and efficiency are addressed. Principles of boiler feed water treatment and control will be reviewed, along with key tips for safe boiler start-up and shutdown. The course includes illustrations of various examples of boiler and auxiliaries failures, guidelines for analyzing the cause of the failure and inspection procedures.

Course Contents:

Fundamentals of Boiler Design and Operation:

  • Fire tube and water tube boilers
  • Fuel and firing systems
  • Old and new boiler
  • Superheated steam
  • Induced draft – forced draft system
Optimizing Boiler Basics :
  • Efficiency parameters – Performance
  • Loss prevention
Energy Management Basics :
  • Heating value of fuels and B.T.U.
  • Input – output efficiency
  • Accounting for heat in steam and water
  • Principles of modern boiler design
Boiler Plant Efficiency :
  • Analyzing thermal performance and costs
  • Stack, blow down and surface losses
  • Tune-up and optimizing efficiency
Boiler Plant Operational Procedures and Problems :
  • High and low water levels
  • High and low superheat temperature and pressure
  • Boiler plant systems
Distribution System Losses :
  • Steam system losses
  • Traps and leaks
Efficiency Calculation Methods :
  • ASME computational methods
  • Comparing the input-output method and heat loss method
  • Use of formulas and calculations in computers
Combustion Analysis :
  • Chemistry of combustion
  • Flame characteristics/smoke testing and control
  • Flue gas heat loss an measurements
  • Use of analyzers and emissions monitoring
Flow Measurements :
  • Characteristics of various flow instrumentation
Boiler Plant Calculations :
  • Combustion losses and calculating efficiency
  • Economic analysis
Boiler Controls :
  • Steam pressure, combustion and water level control
  • Burner management and safety controls
  • Types of control and tuning for optimum performance
Boiler Tune-up :
  • Troubleshooting guide
  • Step by step tune-up procedure
Over 60 Ways to Improve Efficiency.

Waste Heat Recovery.

Boiler Water Treatment :
  • Prevention of scale and corrosion
  • Removing oxygen and CO2 from boiler water
  • Boiler water limits
Pollution Reduction.

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