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Technical Courses

Boiler Operation & Maintenance

This course aims to enable the participants to develop a sound knowledge in the water piping system and equipment used for air-conditioning and mechanical refrigeration system.

  • Identify the system components of closed and open systems
  • Determine the pressure drop in piping
  • Determine the pipe size
  • Size an expansion tank
  • Select control valves for systems
  • Design a chilled water system
  • Design a condenser cooling water system
  • Size and select the chillers and cooling towers
  • Understand the water treatment system
  • Select the pump to match the system
  • Describe cool thermal storage system
  • Estimate chiller size and storage tank for thermal storage system
  • Basic principles – pressure drop equations, valve and fitting losses, flow rate limitations
  • piping system design- expansion of pipe, pipe sizing
  • Types of control, selection of control
  • Pump and system- characteristic of centrifugal pumps, Net Positive Suction Head of pump
  • Pump laws
  • Multiple pump arrangement
  • Chiller selection
  • Work principles of cooling tower and selection of cooling tower
  • Water treatment system
  • Types of compressors for cool thermal storage systems
  • Description and sizing of chillers and tanks for cool thermal storage
Who should attend:
Technicians, Supervisors, Technical officers, Engineers, facilities managers, cleanroom project engineers

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