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Technical Courses

Centrifugal Pump

This course presents a systematic approach to fault diagnosis and failure prevention in a broad range of machinery used in the process, manufacturing, power generation and pharmaceutical industries. The key routes to preventive maintenance are demonstrated through both overview and the study of examples in metallurgical failure analysis, vibration analysis and a sequential approach to machinery troubleshooting and problem solving.

A number of failed components will be examined by the attendees. In addition, participants are encouraged to bring failed bearings, gears, mechanical seals and similar machine components for failure analysis and discussion. The course explores a systematic organization for successful failure analysis and troubleshooting programs including the determination of goals, use of and setting up a failure analysis team.

By reference to specific case studies, especially dealing with centrifugal pumps, it will be shown that such a systematic program can lead to significant failure reductions in many types of machinery. Through examples dealing with pumps ad compressors, advice is given on vendor selection and methods for reliability review. A matrix approach to machinery troubleshooting uses illustrative examples in pumps, centrifugal compressors, blowers and fans, reciprocating compressors, engines and gas turbines.

Finally, by building on traditional approaches to problem solving the students will become familiar with up-to-date concepts of Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA). (Machinery Failure Analysis and Prevention is a highly practical course for maintenance machinery engineers, supervisors and technicians involved in machinery operation and troubleshooting. Personnel from all process industries including refining, power plants, petrochemicals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fertilizer, food and from utilities will benefit.)

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