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Technical Courses


Compressors of several types which have widely varying configurations and driver requirements are used extensively in the process industries. Those compressor and driver system represent a significant part of the capital and operating costs of most plants, so that optimizing selection has become of major economic importance. The course is devoted to the operating characteristics, efficiencies, design features, reliability, and maintenance implication of centrifugal, rotary screw and reciprocating compressors and steam turbine drives.

Some information on liquid injection rotary screw compressors and large axial flow compressors will be provided. Considerable time is devoted to understanding the vulnerabilities of certain machines, trade- offs of cost vs. maintainability and surveilability, etc. One session will specifically deal with generalized failure analysis and troubleshooting approaches for process plant machinery.

Who should attend?
This basic application and component overview course is intended to be of direct use by persons in staff and corporate engineering, plant planning and design, systems design, equipment selection and evaluation, and equipment maintenance areas. It should be also be of value to equipment and systems specialists in engineering contractor firms.

This course should be valuable also to managerial and supervisory individuals responsible for the operations and maintenance functions. The industries most directly involved with the subject matter are those producing chemicals, petrochemical petroleum products, natural gases, manufacturing gases, steel and other metals, and plans requiring process refrigeration. Throughout the course participants will have ample opportunity to have equipment-related questions answered by the Course Director.

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