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Technical Courses

Heat Exchangers Operation & Maintenance

Process engineers, process control engineers, and instrumentation technicians interested in acquiring practical knowledge of process control techniques including PID control, the selection of measurements and the application of control valves. This course provides a refresher for practitioners and a fundamental guide to those who are new on the plant floor. This course is a practical level course, rather than a theoretical course, therefore no prior process control courses or experience is required.

  • Pump Maintenance: General
  • Disassembling the Casing
  • Removing the Rotating Element
  • Inspecting the Casing
  • Disassembling the Rotor
  • Measuring Packing Sleeves
  • Measuring Impellers and Wearing Rings
  • Measuring the Shaft
  • Inspecting Seal and Bearing Parts
  • Measuring Bearing Oil Clearance
  • Assembling the Rotor
  • Installing the Rotor
  • Measuring Sleeve Bearing Oil Clearance
  • Assembling the Bearings
  • Assembling the casing
  • Tightening Casing Studs and/or Bolts
  • Installing Packing
Who should attend:
Mechanical Technicians and engineers and anyone involved in the use of Pumps

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