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Technical Courses

Maintenance Management

The objective of this training program of 5 days duration is to impart Training on Operation, Maintenance and Trouble Shooting aspects of compressors commonly used in petroleum / petrochemical / fertilizer and power generation plants. The training covers the theory and practice of compressors and their controls.

This training is designed for engineers and operations personnel of process plants, refineries and power plants, involved in operation, maintenance and performance monitoring of these equipments.
This program covers the theory, operation and trouble shooting problems related to

  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Calculations for Power requirement
  • Performance monitoring and
  • Controls
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Gas Laws and compression.etc.
Specific unit examples / case studies included in the program are related to
  • Ammonia plant
  • Urea plant
  • Aromatics plant
  • Gas processing etc.
  • Centrifugal compressors
  • Main types, applications in process plants
  • Design: casing, rotor journal and thrust bearings, internal and shaft seals, auxiliaries; typical failures.
  • Polytropic efficiency: effect on discharge temperature and indicated power
  • Relation between head, power and capacity, invariant representations
  • Sound velocity in gas, stonewall and surge effect
  • Operation: capacity control, start-up, critical speed and vibration
Who should attend:
overview course is intended to be of direct use by persons in staff and corporate engineering, plant planning and design, systems design, equipment selection and evaluation, and equipment maintenance areas. It should be also be of value to equipment and systems specialists in engineering contractor firms.

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