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Technical Courses

Vibration Pumps Testing

This course is designed for technicians and engineers who work in the field of vibration analysis. This is an introductory course on vibration analysis and would form the base of more advanced courses on vibration analysis, signal processing and machine condition monitoring techniques. A number of illustration and examples will are provided to enrich your experience and give a flavour of what vibration analysis includes and why it is important to include as a part of any maintenance system.
By completing this course, you are expected to:

  • Develop an understanding of the importance of vibration signal analysis within the maintenance program
  • Understand the basic theory of vibration (single degree of freedom systems, natural frequency and measurable quantities)
  • Learn how to measure vibration signal and mount transducers (measurement chain).
  • Understand the theory behind frequency analysis and the FFT analysers functions
  • Interpret the frequency spectrum and diagnose mechanical and electrical faults
  • Have the ability to judge the severity of vibration and develop an understating of fault diagnosis in a number of machines

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