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Technical Courses

Advance Operation of Planning and Scheduling in Production Plants

Course outline:-


1. Planning and Scheduling: Role and Impact.
2. Planning and Scheduling Functions in an Enterprise.
3. Jobs, Machines, and Facilities.
4. Processing Characteristics and Constraints.
5. Performance Measures and Objectives.
6. Scheduling Decision & Operations Management.
7. Operational Characteristics and Constraints.
8. Performance Measures and Objectives.


Operation of Planning and Scheduling in Manufacturing:-

Project Planning and Scheduling
1. Critical Path Method (CPM).
2. Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT).
3. Time/Cost Trade-Offs: Linear Costs.
4. Time/Cost Trade-Offs: Nonlinear Costs.
5. Project Scheduling with Workforce Constraints.

Machine Scheduling and Job Shop Scheduling
1. Single Machine and Parallel Machine Models.
2. Job Shops and Mathematical Programming.
3. Job Shops and the Shifting Bottleneck Heuristic.
4. Job Shops and Constraint Programming.
5. A Generic Job Shop Scheduling System.


Scheduling of Flexible Assembly Systems
1. Sequencing of Un paced Assembly Systems.
2. Sequencing of Paced Assembly Systems.
3. Scheduling of Flexible Flow Systems with Bypass.
4. Mixed Model Assembly Sequencing.

Economic Lot Scheduling
1. One Type of Item and the Economic Lot Size.
2. Different Types of Items and Rotation Schedules.
3. Different Types of Items and Arbitrary Schedules.
4. More General ELSP Models.
5. Multiproduct Planning and Scheduling at Steel Plant.


Operation of Planning and Scheduling in Supply Chains
1. Supply Chain Settings and Configurations.
2. Frameworks for Planning and Scheduling in Supply Chains.
3. A Medium Term Planning Model for a Supply Chain.
4. A Short Term Scheduling Model for a Supply Chain.
5. Example of a System Implementation.


Operation of Planning and Scheduling in Production:

Scheduling Decision & Operations Management
1. Essential Functions in Operations Management.
2. How to produce goods and services.
3. Scheduling as critical decision in operations management.
4. Significant events in operations management & scheduling.
5. New challenges facing operations management and scheduling.

Performance Measures
1. Job Flow time.
2. Make Span.
3. Past due or tardiness.
4. Work-In-Process (WIP) Inventory.
5. Total inventory & Utilization.

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