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Technical Courses

Advanced Hydraulic Fracturing for Shale Gas Drilling Operations

Through the development of hydraulic fracturing techniques, vital sources of energy have been unlocked in the various shale plays throughout the country. These technical breakthroughs have been a game changer for American gas producers.

This training course focuses on advanced hydraulic fracturing techniques and the skills required to best release shale gas reserves. Attending the course will drive your hydraulic fracturing skills to the next level to better deliver operational success.

Case histories of advanced hydraulic fracturing operations will be examined in order to provide unparalleled insights, covering everything from planning, diagnostics, mechanics and fluids through to job execution and quality control.

The course delivers a truly interactive experience through lectures, visual presentations and team based exercises. Attendees will also have the opportunity to bring in their own well logs and work with the trainer for specific advice and recommendations

Who is it for?
Managers, engineers and technical staff who are looking to expand their knowledge and seek fresh insights into advanced hydraulic fracturing techniques which they can implement into their shale gas drilling and fracturing operations.

What will I be able to do after the course?

  • Develop an overall understanding of advanced drilling and hydraulic farcing techniques
  • Learn about the importance of the correct fluid and prop pant selection for the specific play you operate on
  • Treatment of high permeability reservoir using ‘frac packs’
  • How best to rig up and operate on location
  • Develop an excellent understanding of the various shale plays and how water frac applications can be applied to each. This will be fully developed using case histories
  • Take away and implement expert recommendations and advice for your specific well or project

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