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Technical Courses

Gas Turbine Advanced Operation - F-Class Turbines, GenOn - Osceola

This course is designed to enhance GE F-class gas turbine-generator operation skills. The course provides a detailed overview of F-class turbine operating sequences and control and protection functions. The course builds upon student's operational skills. Develops a background in gas turbine-generator operation that enables participants to properly analyze operating problems and take the necessary corrective action. This course will focus on the gas turbine and generator control and protection and does not include discussions on auxiliary support systems. Please refer to the Agenda noted below.

Who should attend?
Engineers, operations, maintenance technicians, administrative personnel and those in affiliated industries who have a background in GT operations and wish to gain further understanding of the operation of GE heavy duty gas turbines.

Agenda :-

Day 1 Introduction

  • F-Class Turbine Component Review
  • Documentation: Device Summary and Control Specifications
  • Turbine Devices and Operating Conditions
Day 2 Startup & Shutdown Sequence Procedure
  • Control Functions: Speed, Temperature
  • Protection: Over Speed, Over Temperature, Vibration
  • Variable Inlet Guide Vane Operation
  • Exhaust Temperature Spreads and Combustion Monitoring
Day 3 Primary Operator Interface < HMI >: Menus & Screens
  • Alarms, Trips and Troubleshooting
  • Tour of the gas turbine manufacturing and assembly areas
Day 4 Generator Component Overview
  • Generator Off Line & On Line Operation Fundamentals
  • Hydrogen Generator Hydrogen Gas and Seal Oil Systems
Day 5 Advanced Topics:
  • DLN 2.6 / 2+ Fuel System Operation
  • Inlet Bleed Heat Protection
  • Temperature Matching
  • Operational Affects on Maintenance Intervals

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