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Technical Courses

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Advance Operation & Maintenance


  • gives participants the knowledge for design, maintenance and troubleshooting of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Power Systems.

    Instrumentation, Electrical, Mechanical and Process Engineers, Project Engineers, Maintenance Engineers and Supervisors interested t
  • work in the field of Pneumatics, Automation and Process Control. The course will als
  • definitely be beneficial for the all the other department people concerned with the plant operations, production, maintenance and safety. It could be als
  • useful for the procurement and quality personnel.

    Introduction to Fluid Power
    • What is Fluid Power
    • Advantages of Fluid Power
    • Applications of Fluid Power
    • Components of Fluid Power Systems
    Power Transmitting Fluids
    • Fluids: Oil and Air
    • Pressure, Head, and Force
    • The Perfect Gas Law
    • The Continuity Equation
    • Bernoulli’s Equation
    • Pascal’s Law and Application
    • Bulk Modulus
    • Pressure Losses in Valve and Fitting
    • Flow and Pressure Measurement
    • Energy, Power, and Flow Rates
    Basic Fluid Power System
    • The Basic Pneumatic System
    • The Basic Hydraulic System
    • Air Compressors
    • Hydraulic Pump
    • Pump Performance
    • Pump Selection
    • Pressure Intensifiers
    • Motors and Actuators
    • Hydraulic Motor Performance
    • Low-Speed, High-Torque Motors
    The Distribution System
    • Steel Pipes, Steel Tubing and Plastic Tubing
    • Flexible Hoses
    • Quick Disconnect Coupling
    • Metric Steel Tubing
    Control Components and Simple Circuit
    • Directional Control Valve
    • Pressure and Flow Control Valve
    • Servo Valve
    • Hydraulic Fuses
    • Pressure and Temperature Switches
    • Shock Absorbers
    Hydraulic Circuit
    • Control of a Single and Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder
    • Regenerative Circuit
    • Pump-Unloading Circuit
    • Double-Pump Hydraulic System
    • Pressure Intensifier Circuit
    • Counterbalance Valve Application
    • Hydraulic Cylinder Sequencing Circuit
    • Automatic Cylinder Reciprocating System
    • Locked Cylinder Using Pilot Check Valves
    • Cylinder Synchronizing Circuit
    • Metering in and Metering out Fail-Safe Circuits
    • Speed Control of Hydraulic Motor
    • Hydraulic Motor Breaking System
    • Accumulators and Accumulator Circuit
    Pneumatic Circuit
    • Fluid Conditioners
    • Air Service Unit
    • Air Pressure Losses in pipes
    • Control with Orifice
    • Air Control Valve
    • Pneumatic Actuators
    • Basic Pneumatic Circuit
    • Circuit Design with Intuitive and Cascade Method
    • Accumulator System Analysis
    • Pneumatic Circuit Analysis
    Electrical Controls for Fluid Power Circuit
    • Electrical Components
    • Control of a Cylinder Using a Single Limit Switch
    • Dual Cylinder Sequence Circuits
    • Electrical Control of Regenerative Circuit
    • Counting, Timing, and Reciprocation of Hydraulic Cylinder
    • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
    Fluid Power Maintenance and Safety
    • Sealing Devices
    • The Reservoir System
    • Filters and Strainers
    • Filtration and Contamination Assessment
    • Beta Ratio of Filters
    • Temperature Control
    • Troubleshooting Fluid Power Circuit
    • Safety Considerations

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