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Technical Courses

Plant Startup and Commissioning

Outcomes: At the end of the Training delegates will be able:

  • Plan and prepare for plant start-up after shutdown.
  • Prepare and isolate a process Plant.
  • Manage Plant start up after shut down.
  • Identify and control health and safety hazards in start up.
  • Contribute effectively to planning and execution of Commissioning
  • Troubleshoot start-up problems.
  • Develop relevant operating and safety Procedures.
  • Address Technical Issues of Commissioning and starting up various equipment (Pumps, Compressors, Heat exchanger etc.)
Who should attend:
This program addresses the needs of a diverse audience with an interest in Plant Start-Up and Commission, including: Operators and Maintenance Tech. with direct line responsibility as well as staff support responsibility for delivering on effective Plant Start-Up and Commissioning activities; Supervisors and Engineers, both operations and Maintenance who are involved or likely to be involved in Plant Start-up and Commissioning situations.

Course Outline:

Introduction and Preparation
  • Introduction to Process Plant Start Up and Commissioning including discussion on importance of correct procedures
  • Organization and Roles
  • Supplementary Topics
  • Cost Estimation including practical exercises in assessing cost
  • Spare Parts Planning, including practical exercises in planning and managing a schedule for ordering spare parts
Commissioning Strategy
  • Commissioning Strategy including a practical exercise based on designing a commissioning strategy for a machine
  • Mechanical Completion & Integrity Checking by simulation
  • Pre-Commissioning and Operational Testing by simulation
  • Start-Up/Initial Operation, Testing and Acceptance by simulation
Process Plant and Machinery Specific Issues
  • Process Plant and Machinery Commissioning
  • Instrumentation and Control Systems
  • Preparing and Isolating Process Plant.
  • All above include practical exercises and simulations to aid understanding, group discussions, and question and answer sessions to clarify students knowledge
Management, Planning and Control
  • The Start-Up and Commissioning Planning and Control – students will be asked to design and plan the start up and commissioning [process for one piece of machinery
  • A Short-cut Approaches to Planning – Group Activity and brainstorming on how to carry out more efficient commissioning
  • Progress Monitoring and Control – Students will be given examples of simulated machinery reports and will be asked to report to the group what has happened to the machinery
  • Group discussion on Earned Value Analysis
Managing Risks during Commissioning
  • Trouble Shooting and Problem Solving including practical scenarios and simulations for students to work through
  • Risk Management including practical examples in risk assessment and risk management
  • Managing Safety and Quality including group discussion on the importance of managing safety and quality
  • Conclusion

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