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Management Course

Integration Management System Awareness

Teaching how to integrate quality, environmental and health & safety systems. Topics include popular tools & solving integration hurdles. Learn how to integrate your management systems to achieve greater efficiency, meet your duty of care and improve performance.

What you will learn

  • Explain how to integrate quality, environmental and health and safety management systems to provide business benefits
  • Provide approaches and tools for implementing integrated or stand-alone systems
  • Show how to overcome barriers to integration
  • Provide a case study illustration of IMS implementation
The course:
  • Life beyond ISO 9001
  • Overcoming barriers to integration
  • Key steps towards integrated management systems
  • Action plan
Who should attend?
  • Quality managers and other staff with responsibility for delivering business improvements through the systems approach
  • Managers involved with the implementation of environmental and/or health & safety management systems in their organisations
  • Managers given specific responsibility for installing an IMS

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