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Technical Courses

Pollution Control


  • To install an understanding of strategies, legal requirements and appropriate technologies for industrial pollution control.
  • To teach the process design of selected treatment technologies
  • To promote the solution of open-ended, multi-disciplinary problems typically found in industrial settings.
  • To explain principles of physic-chemical treatment processes
  • To apply such knowledge to perform engineering calculations for simple systems
  • To promote in the students the ability to recognize problematic situations in which further information is needed to identify, evaluate and draw conclusions from all pertinent sources of information to find an appropriate solution to the problem.
  • To encourage understanding from the students on accepted methods that deals with uncertainty (such as safety factors) and to learn about its advantages, limitations and applicability, evaluating the potential risks and managing the physical risks in complex engineering problems.
Course Description:
This course aims to advance students’ abilities in applying and evaluating the physicchemical treatment processes for industrial wastewater pollution control, air pollution, and contaminated groundwater remediation. Cleaning techniques using biofilters and in the soil remediation areas will be particularly developed. From this year, the course formally incorporates lectures and case studies on areas as noise pollution and legal aspects related to pollution (learning on the Resource Management Act).

Course Outline:
  • Air Pollution
    - Air pollutants and sources, discharge consents, dispersal of discharges into the air, emission control technologies; odor, VOC, particulates, incineration, scrubbing, adsorption, condensation, biofilters, particle collectors.
    - Case study: Smoke and SO2 in Christchurch
  • Biofilters
    - Biological air pollution control overview
    - Biofilter design and operation
    - Impact of water content on biofiltration operation
    - Case study: Odor control by the use of Biofilters
  • Soil Pollution
    - Remediation technologies for soil: applications, problems, limitations and logistics.
    - Overview on different technologies for soil remediation:
    o Low Temperature Thermal for Soil
    o Soil Removal
    o Landfill
    o Hydrogen Releasing Compounds/ Oxygen Releasing Compounds
    o Duel Phase Extraction
    o Soil Venting
    o Vapour intrusion

    - Bioremediation
    - Bioaugmentation
    - Case study:
    o Removal of pollutants from contaminated soil: TBA
    o Removal of Atrazine using Pseudomonas ADP

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