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Technical Courses

Root Cause Analysis

RCFA and Structured Problem Solving

  • Cause Analysis
  • Problem Solving Sequences
  • Situation Analysis
  • Action Generation
  • Decision Making
  • Where RFCA First in
  • Planning for Change
Cause Analysis
  • RCFA steps
  • Failure Causes
  • Benefits to RCFA
  • Why we don’t get around to doing RCFA
Two-Track Approach
  • The RCFA Selection Process
  • How to determine the Vital Few
  • Different Approaches to RCFA
  • Failure Classifications
  • Exercise: Why we spend more time on problems than on opportunities
Failure Types
  • Sporadic
  • Chronic
  • How Failure Appear
  • Examples from your operation
The Three Levels of Cause
  • Selecting the right failures
  • Cost spreadsheet
  • Exercise in selecting what failures need to be addressed to impact the bottom line
Collecting Failure Data
  • The Five P’s of Root Cause Failure Analysis
  • Why a Logic Tree?
Parts and Position
  • Physical agents of failure (FRETT)
  • Metallurgical failures
  • Equipment component failures
  • Piping failures
  • Examples of equipment component failures
The Analysis Process
  • Describing the failure event
  • Taking Failure Mode Inventory
  • Building hypotheses
  • Determining the causes
  • Exercise featuring a valve cap failure on a reciprocating compressor
Describing the Process
  • Exercise: Piston rod failure on a reciprocating process compressor
Data Analysis I
  • Scatter plots
  • Correlation
  • Example using process pump failure management data
Data Analysis II
  • Weibull analysis (Exercise using process pump and furnace tube failure data)
  • Modeling and simulation
Data Analysis III
  • Operating deflection (FEA)
  • Vendor experience
Another Way
  • Competing approaches to fault analysis
  • The KT approach
  • Example of an elusive centrifugal process pump failure (VPS Bottoms Pump Analysis)
Human Root Causes
  • Human performance reliability (HPR)
  • Unintended error
  • Physical and mental limitations
  • Purposeful wrongdoing
  • HPR example
  • Requirements for good solutions
  • Purpose and design of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)
  • CMMS and its role in failure analysis
Stewardship of RCFA Results
  • Life cycle of recommendation and follow-up
  • Service factor committees
  • Reliability teams
  • Documentation and Reporting
  • Example: A process pump failure reduction program
  • Networking

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