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Technical Courses

Waste Control

1. To introduce the concepts and principles of hazardous waste management
2. To develop well-educated people who have basic knowledge concerning hazardous waste management with emphasis on treatment, disposal and remediation processes
3. To share the practical knowledge and technology of chemical, physical and biological treatment of hazardous waste and experience from remediation technology

Course Contents
1. Hazardous Waste Management in Thailand: Government Perspective and Policy
2. Hazardous Waste Management: Public Perspective, Public Participation and Public Awareness
3. Laws and Regulations related to Industrial Waste and Hazardous Waste
4. Physico-Chemical Processes of Hazardous Waste Treatment
5. Thermal Process Treatment: Waste disposal in cement kiln
6. Disposal of Hazardous Waste: Landfill, Secure Landfill
7. Biological Processes of Hazardous Waste Treatment
8. Infectious Waste Management
9. Storage, Transportation and Emergency Response for Hazardous Waste/Substance
10. Electronic Waste: Tremendous amount of waste this era and the challenge in collection, recycling and disposal processes
11. Radioactive Waste Management: Case study and Lesson Learn in Thailand and Developing Countries
12. Mining Waste Management
13. Case study from Cadmium and Lead Contamination in Thailand
14. Site Assessment: Phase I and II Site investigation and Site Screening
15. Site Remediation Technology
16. Case Study on Remediation Technology: Phyto and microbial remediation of petroleum hydrocarbons, Micro remediation of Cd, Physico-chemical remediation of lead
17. Management of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in Thailand (PCBs, Dioxin Furan and Pesticides)
18. Risk and Health Impact from Hazardous Substances
19. Hazardous Waste Beyond the Frontier: International Agreement related to Hazardous Waste, Basel Convention, JTEPA, WEEE, Rhos
20. Hazardous Waste Management in Economics Aspect

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