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Management Course

Contract Management Skills

This seminar will provide you with the practical knowledge and understanding of the procurement and contract management process, through interactive discussions and a group problem exercises

Course Outline

  • Understanding the procurement and contract management planning framework
  • Review your contract, Services, Materials, Equipment contracting all require different strategies
  • Create and/or evaluate your Service level Agreement (SLA)
  • Preparing the Contract Management Plan
  • Social Responsibility Audits
  • Identifying the project performance team and associated responsibility matrix
  • Understand and evaluate- The Risk Management Plan, including Risk Mitigation
  • Understanding the key fundamentals of the post-award “kick off meeting”
  • Establishing contract and project reporting, quality control / performance measurement and evaluation procedures - Monitoring and Evaluation Plan and the Supplier ScoreCard.
  • Utilizing effective planning and control charts and tools (e.g. Gantt Charts) for monitoring key project activities, milestones and deliverables
  • Review Supply enablement opportunities
  • Planning for and establishing a conflict management and problem resolution process
  • Professional Contract Administration Processes
  • Contract management Maturity Model
  • CM technology tools
  • Contract Closeout Activ"

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