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Management Course

Contract Negotiation Skills

There is negotiation, and then there is negotiation! All other types of negotiation pale next to the complexities and intensity of a full-bore contract negotiation where thousands – and often millions – of dollars are on the line. If any aspect of your business strategy relies on your ability to negotiate fair, profitable contracts, you need to spend some time in our Contract Negotiation Seminar.

This intensive, five-day training class leads you through the process of planning, conducting, and documenting complex contract negotiations. By examining real-world case studies based on current construction, engineering and procurement examples, we will help you understand how this delicate process looks from both the buyer’s and the seller’s point of view. We will discuss all the strategies, tactics and counter-tactics that come into play at such times, along with principles for how to use them and how to neutralize them. The highly interactive course format allows you to not only study the steps for how to analyze terms and conditions, and how to recognize and avoid risky and unacceptable terms, but to also practice using this information through role-plays and group activities.

The course includes proven best practices used by successful companies worldwide. This data is based on the Conference Board’s propriety data by specific engineering, construction, major oil companies and oil service related firms.

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